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Canine Hydrotherapy

New for 2015, Tay Valley Vets have installed a 2 x 4 metre indoor heated canine hydrotherapy pool.

Our veterinary team have designed individual courses of hydrotherapy treatment to suit each dog and one of our trained veterinary staff will accompany your dog in the pool.

The pool:

  • is easily accessible – it will be sunk into the floor and have an access ramp
  • heated, with submerged water jets for dogs undergoing resistance swimming
  • has a separate drying and washing area where dogs can relax

Our new pool is now open, to find out more about how hydrotherapy treatment can benefit your dog or to book an appointment, please contact our reception team on 01738 621415.

Our Prices

 Hydrotherapy  Fitness
 Single session: £36.00
 Single session: £25.00
 10 sessions paid in advance: £330.00  10 sessions paid in advance: £225.00

 Single session – two or more Hydrotherapists: £60.00  Additional dogs same owner: £17.50
 10 sessions paid in advance: £550.00
 10 sessions paid in advance: £150.00


  • Hydrotherapy, in conjunction with veterinary treatment, is particularly helpful in improving the quality and rate of healing following surgery or traumatic injury and increasing the chance of a successful return to full fitness.

  • Hydrotherapy also helps to increase cardiovascular stamina, muscle tone and range of movement, promote tissue repair, whilst also improving general health and fitness, especially in the management of obesity.

  • Movement in water is more difficult due to the resistance: water-based exercise uses 30% more oxygen than similar land-based exercise.

  • For most dogs, a short hydrotherapy session is an extremely challenging workout. However, the buoyancy of the water and the fact that sudden twists, stops and falls are impossible mean that hydrotherapy is a safe and effective form of exercise that is also very enjoyable.

  • Because hydrotherapy is carried out in reduced weight bearing conditions, it encourages a full range of joint motion through safe exercise, without imposing undue stress on damaged tissues.

  • It is better to treat dogs in heated water because cold water constricts the blood vessels near the skin and in the muscles just under the skin, which then restricts the flow of blood and makes the muscles less efficient.

  • Hydrotherapy is considered to be a natural anti-inflammatory through its ability to reduce tissue swelling. 


Safe exercise without stress/muscle strengthening and maintenance

  • Hydrotherapy involves most of the muscles used in daily movement but without the stresses caused by motion on hard ground, where each footfall creates a shock wave that is absorbed by bones, tendons and joints.
  • If these shock waves are severe or repetitive, they can actually damage or weaken the limb, particularly an arthritic joint or one recovering from an injury or surgery.
  • Hydrotherapy ‘works out’ and strengthens the muscles while avoiding this potentially damaging stress.
  • Also, due to the increased resistance of movement created by the water, the muscles have to work harder than they would do on land.

Increased blood circulation to the muscles/increased tissue healing 

  • Warm water increases the circulation of blood to the muscles; this then increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients and also flushes away waste products; all these benefits lead to muscle relaxation and a reduction in pain and stiffness.
  • When circulation is improved, swelling around an injured area reduces and healing is enhanced.

Relief of pain, swelling and stiffness   

  • Buoyancy in water supports the body during exercise and reduces the load on weight-bearing joints, which decreases pain and allows easier movement and exercise. 
  • The pressure that water naturally puts on to the body can assist in reducing swelling, especially as the pressure increases with depth. The effect is increased when the limb is exercised at the same time, enhancing circulation.

Increased range of movement  

  • A decreased range of movement can often be due to pain, swelling or stiffness. Buoyancy can help to gently encourage stiff joints into an improved range of movement with minimal additional pain; this then allows for a better general range of movement when back on dry land.

Muscle strengthening  

  • Hydrotherapy tones most of the major muscle groups and improves the general overall fitness of the dog.
  • By encouraging pain-free limb movement against the resistance of water, muscle bulk will increase and muscle wastage will be reversed.

Improved cardiovascular fitness

  • In water, the heart needs to work harder in order to meet the increased demand for nutrients by all the muscles that are being worked. This sounds like hard work – it is – and that's the idea!
  • Whilst immersed in water, the chest is subjected to the effects of water pressure, which means that every breath requires more effort. In particular, the muscles used for breathing in have to work much harder; as these muscles strengthen with exercise, the whole respiratory system improves.


Most dogs will benefit greatly from hydrotherapy as a form of exercise. However, it is essential to get advice from your Veterinary Surgeon before taking your animal for treatment.

Any dog that requires improvements in core strength, proprioception, gait modification, flexion, extension, muscle bulk, cardiovascular and muscle endurance will benefit from hydrotherapy. In particular, hydrotherapy will help the following conditions:

Developmental conditions

  • Hip and elbow dysplasia – especially useful for young dogs who are restricted to lead exercise
  • OCD
  • Patella luxation 

Degenerative conditions

  • Osteoarthritis (DJD) primary and secondary to developmental conditions
  • Spondylosis 

Pre- and post-surgical cases

  • Total hip replacement
  • Femoral head and neck excision (FHNE)
  • Arthroscopy
  • Cranial cruciate rupture- TPLO/TTA/Lateral suture
  • Patella luxation

Neurological conditions

  • Degenerative myelopathy (DM)
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Intervertebral disc protrusion/degenerative disc disease 
  • Fibro-cartilaginous embolism (FCE) 
  • Cervical vertebral malformation 
  • Spinal injury/trauma/shock
  • Discospondylitis 
  • Neuromuscular disease 
  • Peripheral neuropathies

Soft tissue injuries

  • Tendinitis
  • Ligament strain
  • Tendinopathies
  • Muscle strains/sprains       

Obesity (weight loss in conjunction with diet)


Canine Hydrotherapy at Tay Valley Vets

Take a look at the latest from our Canine Hydrotherapy pool, featuring Max, Skye and Theo!  

Max, Skye and Theo

Canine Hydrotherapy at Tay Valley Vets

Cameron is a 7-year old Black Labrador who struggled to walk before visiting our canine hydrotherapy pool. Now, he is much freer in his movements and brighter in himself.  

Before starting hydrotherapy, it is clear that walking on land is uncomfortable for Cameron. He walks very stilted in an attempt to keep his elbows as straight as possible.

In Cameron’s first hydrotherapy session it is clear how the weightless environment allows him to flex and extend his elbows much more freely, as he does not have to bear any weight through his sore joints. Can you see the difference? 

Cameron cannot play fetch on land and this would put too much strain through his joints, and so he loves being able to fetch a ball in the hydrotherapy pool. Cameron’s owners feel his gait has improved since starting hydrotherapy, he is much more mobile and much happier!

Hydrotherapy sessions help with Cameron's mobility

Canine Hydrotherapy at Tay Valley Vets

After falling from a dam, Darcy, the Cocker Spaniel suffered serious injuries including lung damage and a broken hind leg. 

Once she was nursed back to health, Darcy wouldn’t put weight on her right back leg, so was referred to us for hydrotherapy. After one swim, this happened...

Darcy recovering from her fall

Canine Hydrotherapy at Tay Valley Vets

Coco the Labrador enjoying a swim in our pool.

Coco enjoying a swim

Canine Hydrotherapy at Tay Valley Vets

Theo the Boxer enjoys his swimming lessons.

Theo having a swimming lesson

Canine Hydrotherapy at Tay Valley Vets

In August last year, Kiera, a White West Highland Terrier, had corrective surgery to repair a luxating patella. This is a condition in which the kneecap dislocates or moves out of its normal location. 

Subsequent weekly hydrotherapy sessions have helped to strengthen her leg muscles with reduced pressure on her joints. Kiera really enjoys her hydrotherapy sessions and we have been delighted with her progress!

Hydrotherapy is helping Kiera recover

Canine Hydrotherapy at Tay Valley Vets

A look at Kiera's progress, from under the water.

Hydrotherapy helps to strengthen Kiera's muscles

Canine Hydrotherapy at Tay Valley Vets

This is Murphy in for his hydrotherapy session to help with his elbow dysplasia. He loves chasing a tennis ball in the pool!

Hydrotherapy helps with Murphy's elbow dysplasia

Canine Hydrotherapy at Tay Valley Vets

Honey's mum sent us this video of her having her hydrotherapy session with Lisa. Honey was a bit unsure at first but quickly got her confidence.

Honey enjoying her first hydrotherapy session

Canine Hydrotherapy at Tay Valley Vets

Our hydro swimming pool is proving a huge success, we've swum dogs of all shapes and sizes, and here's a video of Hamish, a 13 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, go Hamish!!

Hamish enjoying a fitness swim in our pool

Canine Hydrotherapy at Tay Valley Vets

Canine Hydrotherapy......and the prize for the most relaxed hydro patient.. goes to Hamish!!

Hamish enjoying a relaxing swim!

Canine Hydrotherapy at Tay Valley Vets

Here's another video of young Hamish - he loves his swims!!

Hamish just loves his swims!

Canine Hydrotherapy at Tay Valley Vets

This is a video of wee Bear enjoying his first hydrotherapy swim - what a brave Chihuahua!

Bear enjoying his first hydrotherapy swim

Canine Hydrotherapy at Tay Valley Vets

Our first week of swimming dogs in our pool has been a great success! We have been swimming our own dogs for a while now, and here is Cody, Lisa's dog enjoying a fitness swim!

Cody enjoying a fitness swim!

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Our dedicated team of Veterinary Nurses will be checking your pet’s weight, teeth, skin and coat condition and can go through any questions or concerns you may have regarding your dog’s general health. There is also a FREE urinalysis at this appointment, so remember to bring a urine sample with you for testing.

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Tay Valley Vets would like to keep pets safe this Spring and Summer by informing pet owners of potentially harmful substances, flowers, and plants that are dangerous to dogs and cats.


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Weight awareness is for all pets and appointments will be available between 9.30am - 5pm Monday to Friday.

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